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Recycing endorsed in United States Senate

In August of 2011 the U.S. Senate passed Senate Resolution 251 endorsing recycling activities in the United States.  Champions of the recycling movement should view this as a major victory in the battle to win over the hearts and minds of the populace.  Although recycling has been widely promoted at the local and state levels of government, passage of a U.S. Senate resolution lends further weight and credibility to the importance of recycling as a national activity.

Key Excerpts

RESOLUTION – Expressing support for improvement in the collection, processing, and consumption of recyclable materials throughout the United States.

Whereas maximizing the recycling economy in the United States will create and sustain additional well-paying jobs in the United States, further stimulate the economy of the United States, save energy, and conserve valuable natural resources;

Whereas recycling is an important action that people in the United States can take to be environmental stewards;

Whereas recycling stimulates the economy and plays an integral role in sustaining manufacturing in the United States;

Whereas the recycling industry in the United States helps balance the trade deficit and provides emerging economies with the raw materials needed to build countries and participate in the global economy;

Whereas recycling saves energy by decreasing the amount of energy needed to manufacture the products that people build, buy, and use;

Whereas using recycled materials in place of raw materials can result in energy savings of 92 percent for aluminum cans, 87 percent for mixed plastics, 63 percent for steel cans, 45 percent for recycled newspaper, and 34 percent for recycled glass;

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate…expresses support for improvement in the collection, processing, and consumption of recyclable material throughout the United States in order to create well-paying jobs, foster innovation and investment in the United States recycling¬†infrastructure,and stimulate the economy of the United States…

Senators Carper, Snowe, Murray, Lieberman, Blumenthal, Baucus, Stabenow, Casey, Grassley, Gillibrand, Tester, Whitehouse, Coons, Merkley, Brown (of Ohio), Kerry, Wyden, Roberts, Shaheen, Boxer, and Udall should be congratulated on their commitment to the future sustainability of the United State economy and the environment.

To view the full Resolution, click here.

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