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Green America: 9 Commonly Genetically Modified Ingredients Found at the Grocery Store

Genetically Modified foods, or GMOs (O for Organisms), are becoming more and more common. The primary reason to genetically modify crops is to provide disease resistance and increase yields, although the jury is still out as to whether this result has been realized. While this has ostensibly produced benefits in the form of fewer pesticides and lower prices, the downside is that these foodstuffs may produce long-term health issues that have not yet been fully investigated.

No matter which side of the argument you’re on, it’s interesting to note how many of the products we use every day contain GMOs. Most of us are probably aware that corn is almost always genetically modified, but it comes in third on the list of the top 9 genetically modified food ingredients. Soy Beans top yhe list when it comes to the percentage of the US crop that is GMO. Cottonseed is second. US grown papaya is (surprisingly) fifth on this list,  and probably not a food that most of us would ever question.

So if you are concerned about the potential for GMOs to have negative consequences in your diet and in the environment, how do you know if what you are buying is genetically modified? Unlike many other countries in Europe and elsewhere, GMOs are readily accepted by the USDA, and there is no requirement to label foods as containing GMOs. The good news is that many products are now advertising that they are GMO free, making it easier for concerned shoppers to select these items at the grocery store. But there are still approximately 30,000 products on US grocery store shelves that contain GMOs.

The attached article from Green America lists the 9 most common genetically modified organisms found in the US food supply, how to identify them, and what to avoid.

Green America: April/May 2012: Our Interview with Jeffrey Smith.

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