These 10 Items Top the Unsustainable Products List

When it comes to being environmentally conscious about the products we buy, avoiding unsustainable products is as important as committing to recycling.

Items like paper plates, plastic wrap, individually wrapped snacks, single serving foods and brands that utilize excessive packaging are unsustainable. When making your purchases, stop to think, “how will I dispose of this product after it’s been used?” Most of us are cognizant of recycling plastic or glass bottles, but what about food wraps, candy wrappers, paper towels or ballpoint pens? These items are difficult if not impossible to recycle, and most end up in the landfill (although some options exist through companies like Terracycle). 

Even those of us who consider ourselves ‘green’ can probably identify multiple unsustainable products in our households if we really stop to think. We use paper napkins and plates instead of reusable cloth and dishware. We go to the store and have our purchases bagged in plastic instead of bringing a reusable bag. We purchase individually wrapped snacks and single serving yogurts, puddings and drinks for our kids’ lunchboxes instead of buying multiple serving containers. Sometimes the motivation is cost. Sometimes the motivation is convenience. But almost all of us have some of these guilty items in our homes.

So which unsustainable products are the worst offenders? The iamgreen blog identifies ten wasteful products that most of us are probably using, and all of us should avoid. Check this list to see what you might be using in your household.

10 Wasteful Products To Avoid | iamgreen™.

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