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Tips for Recycling: Green Valentine’s Day Gifts

Cards end up in the trash. Chocolate is often from questionable labor sources. So what’s an eco-conscious gift-giver to do? Here are some tips for green Valentine’s Day gifts from Eco Lunch Boxes that will make Mother Earth happy too.
Giving a little love at Valentine’s Day is easy when it comes to the people in your life – and the planet!

Green Valentine’s Day Tips and Tricks

  • Do It Yourself Greeting Cards: Sixty five percent of all gifts will take the form of a greeting card. This year don’t be 1 of the 180 million Valentine’s Day cards exchanged — and quickly thrown in the trash! Instead make your own using photos from an old magazine to create a unique and lovingly made greeting card.


  • Reusable Gifts: Pick gifts that are reusable and can be a token of your love for years to come. For example, reusable stainless steel bentos and other lunch accessories can be enjoyed daily and help a person save money and alleviate trash, according to a plastic-free lunch study by ECOlunchbox.


  • Potted Flowers: Instead of cut flowers, choose a potted plant or flowers like tulips or a hydrangea that can be planted outside when spring finally arrives. Another green Valentine idea is to plant a tree symbolic of your relationship – and watch it grow together over the years!


  • Homemade Goodies: Eight billion Sweethearts candy hearts are manufactured each year by the New England Confectionery Company. Get original for your one-of-a-kind Valentine. Ditch the pre-packaged treats and make your own.

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