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Furthering Waste Reduction Through Waste To Energy Recycling

Waste to Energy (WTE) plants have been a viable waste reduction tool for quite some time. But they have still produced waste in the form of ash. Now that ash can be recycled. Covanta, a leader in sustainable energy, and TARTECH eco-industries, a German firm, have joined forces to launch the first metals recycling project […]
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Bathroom Recycling: A matter of convenience?

Many consumers who are avid recyclers don’t practice recycling in the bathroom. The following article posits that the reason is a matter of convenience; most people don’t have recycling bins in the bathroom. Granted, this is true. I don’t have a recycling bin in the bathroom either, and I admit that it is a bit […]
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Animal Composting: VDOT has a new plan for disposing of road kill

Composting 101…DON’T put meat, fat or bones in your compost bin. But now we’re hearing that the third largest DOT (Department of Transportation) in the country is planning on composting the thousands of animals that end up dead on the roadside every year. The idea may sound morbid…grotesque even…but the benefits of composting these carcasses […]
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Tips For Recycling and Reusing Glass Bottles

What’s infinitely recyclable, completely reusable, comes in many colors and contains no BPAs? The glass bottle! Importance of Recycling and Reusing Glass Bottles (via One of the best methods to save environmental pollution is by recycling glass bottles and jars. Environment pollution is aggravated due to landfills and the problem is increasing day by […]
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Recycling Cell Phones: Smart Cell Phones Need a Makeover to Become Eco-Friendly

When I speak to people about recycling their cell phones and electronics, the most common objection I hear is that it’s a scam and everything gets landfilled anyway. The second most common concern, and the one that is most valid, is that these personal electronics are being sent overseas to be disassembled and have their […]
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Are K Cups Recyclable?

The Keurig K Cup has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. But their use is cause for concern when it comes to recycling them. On the surface the K Cup is a great idea. One K Cup brews a single perfect cup of coffee (using Keurig’s patented design brewer of course). They […]
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Recycling Creates Jobs in Delaware

At Tips for Recycling we’ve been big fans of ReCommunity since attending the grand opening of the Southfield, Michigan, facility. ReCommunity partners with local governments to provide the most advanced technology in materials reclamation, which in turn helps those communities develop robust recycling programs. We have long promoted recycling as a way to create jobs, […]
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What is the Cost-Benefit of Extended Producer Responsibility on Waste Packaging?

One of the biggest obstacles we face in reducing trash in the U.S. is waste packaging. The concept behind extended producer responsibility, or EPR, is that if manufacturers are made responsible for the end-lives of their commodities they will design those products more responsibly and with less waste. EPR is popular in other countries. Notably, […]
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How to Recycle Electric Car Batteries

Electric and Hybrid vehicles are one way to help reduce our carbon footprint, but there are valid concerns about what happens to electric car batteries when they reach the end of their useful life. Honda shows us how to recycle electric car batteries and hybrid batteries. Honda Recycling Rare Earth Materials From Used EV Batteries […]
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Recycling Plastic Bottles into Plastic Coffee Cups, Which Recycle into More Plastic Cups!

When we consider recycling plastic bottles our imaginations tend to stop at recycling them once. But MicroGREEN, Inc. recycles them again, and again, and again! MicroGREEN, Inc. is the technology and process behind InCycle cups, the first completely recyclable one-use coffee cups on the market. One 20 oz. plastic bottle can be turned into 7 12 […]
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