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The Phillipines is Winning the Zero Waste Challenge

The City of Alaminos, Phillipines, partners with the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives and meets its zero waste challenge in just two years. Zero Waste: From Dream to Reality in the Philippines (via sustainablog) By Anne Larracas and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives “Environmental Possibilities: Zero Waste” features new ways of thinking, acting, and […]
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Tips for Recycling: Green Valentine’s Day Gifts

Cards end up in the trash. Chocolate is often from questionable labor sources. So what’s an eco-conscious gift-giver to do? Here are some tips for green Valentine’s Day gifts from Eco Lunch Boxes that will make Mother Earth happy too. Giving a little love at Valentine’s Day is easy when it comes to the people […]
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Green America: Green Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Another thought-provoking post on green gifting and gift ideas from Andrew at Green America. The Gifts I’m Sharing With My Relatives and Friends This Holiday Season On my vacation this year from my work as Green America’s online editor and coordinator of our People & Planet Award for green businesses, I had the good fortune to visit the headquarters of Canaan […]
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Mexico City Puts New Focus on Environmental Issues

Mexico City has a reputation for being dirty and crowded. But in recent years this metropolis has made strides in addressing their environmental issues as residents get involved in going green. Revolution in Mexico City, one lettuce at a time (via AFP) A green revolution is sweeping across the car and concrete jungle of Mexico […]
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The Electric Vehicle Conversion in the U.S.

The U.S. automobile market is finally experiencing an electric vehicle conversion with Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf sales soaring. But why did it take so long? First, and probably foremost in a society that links personal identity with automobile ownership, these have traditionally been, well….ugly. Why was it necessary to make electric cars look like […]
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On the Path to Zero Waste: Hernani, Spain, Achieves 82% Recycling Rate!

Spain is probably not the first country that comes to mind when you think of sustainability. In 2002 the landfill that serves Hernani was nearly full. Facing a waste overflow and record high unemployment figures, they decided to dramatically change their municipal solid waste program. Through a combination of curbside collection of both recycables and […]
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Moving Towards Zero Waste: Waste Pickers in India Transform Waste Management

Waste pickers in India are making a major impact on waste management in that country. What started as individuals picking through curbside trash or sifting through piles at the landfill has morphed into a new market for recycled materials. On the Environmental Frontlines: Waste Pickers (via sustainablog) By Neil Tangri and the Global Alliance for […]
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Are Plastic Deodorant Containers Recyclable?

Are plastic deodorant containers recyclable? If Unilever has its way the answer may be yes. Items like deodorant tubes are difficult to recycle because they are made from two plastic resin types. Most recyclable plastics are made from one resin, which can be identified by the plastic recycling number on the bottom of the container […]
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Moving Towards Zero Waste: San Francisco’s Recycling Policy

San Francisco is at the forefront of zero waste success stories. Their recycling policy is a big reason why.  San Francisco: Zero Waste by 2020? (via sustainablog) By Virali Gokaldas and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives East Coast residents have spent the last week surveying storm damage, calculating how long it might take for […]
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The Path to Zero Waste: Recycling is Only the Beginning

When we talk about reasons to recycle the primary justification is that we can significantly reduce, or eliminate altogether, the waste that we produce. But recycling in and of itself will not allow us to accomplish that goal. Recycling is merely the first step, albeit a very important one, on the path to zero waste.  […]
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