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Moving Towards Zero Waste: Waste Pickers in India Transform Waste Management

Waste pickers in India are making a major impact on waste management in that country. What started as individuals picking through curbside trash or sifting through piles at the landfill has morphed into a new market for recycled materials. On the Environmental Frontlines: Waste Pickers (via sustainablog) By Neil Tangri and the Global Alliance for […]
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Are Plastic Deodorant Containers Recyclable?

Are plastic deodorant containers recyclable? If Unilever has its way the answer may be yes. Items like deodorant tubes are difficult to recycle because they are made from two plastic resin types. Most recyclable plastics are made from one resin, which can be identified by the plastic recycling number on the bottom of the container […]
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Monsanto GMO Sweet Corn Gets an Exclusive Contract: Walmart’s Lack of Social Responsibility

Walmart has entered a sole supplier contract with Monsanto to market its genetically modified (GMO) sweet corn. The fact that Walmart refuses to even label the product GMO shows a disturbing lack of social responsibility. Now Appearing at Walmart Stores: Genetically Modified Corn (via EcoLocalizer) The battle to avoid genetically modified foods may have just […]
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Local Grocery Outlets from Recycled Shipping Containers

Another use for recycled shipping containers: turn them into local grocery outlets in under-serviced areas. Stockbox Grocery Opens First Storefront in Seattle’s South Park Neighborhood (via EcoLocalizer) Last year at the Slow Money Gathering in San Francisco, I was really impressed with a presentation that I heard from one of the founders of Stockbox Neighborhood […]
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Tips for Recycling: State Electronics Challenge (SEC)

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) launched the State Electronics Challenge in 2008 to promote responsible use and disposal of electronics by government agencies. The following is from NERC’s SEC web page:         Collectively, state and local government purchase several billions of dollars worth of technology equipment annually, and has the  opportunity to […]
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2012 Games Will be the First Sustainable Olympics in History

  The 2012 London games will be the first sustainable Olympics in history. David Stubs, Head of Sustainablility for the 2012 Olympics, says that the sustainable design was a key factor in awarding the games to London. Brownfield Restoration The grounds that have become the 2012 Olympic venue were a contaminated industrial site. The area […]
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Recycling the Garbage Dump

What are two issues almost every community has? One, what to do with the old town dump when it’s been shut down and two, making sure everyone is fed.  Food and garbage usually only go together after the meal is over. But one green developer is recycling the garbage dump into the starting point for […]
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Eco Friendly Tires Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

What makes your automobile green? Being an electric or hybrid vehicle? Operating on alternative fuel? Getting 30 mpg or better? What about tires? Regardless of the type of automobile, the tires on your car have a huge effect on your carbon footprint. So what makes a tire eco friendly? Recycling  Most of the time when […]
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Golf and the Environment Can go Hand in Hand

Golf is not known for being a socially responsible sport. There’s the legacy of elitist clubs, racist policies and, oh yeah, it uses up a ton of natural resources. But there are ways to be more environmentally conscious about the game. Here’s one golfer who shows how golf and the environment can go hand in […]
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Renewable Energy and a Gift of Light for Haiti

Gift of Light for Haiti – A Sustainable Emergency Relief Project (Video) (via EcoLocalizer) In the United States mainstream media we rarely hear of news from earthquake ravaged Haiti, though hundreds of thousands of Haitian citizens still remain displaced from the devastating 2010 natural disaster. According to the International Organization for Migration, 400,000 of the nation’s citizens… Like […]
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