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Animal Composting: VDOT has a new plan for disposing of road kill

Composting 101…DON’T put meat, fat or bones in your compost bin. But now we’re hearing that the third largest DOT (Department of Transportation) in the country is planning on composting the thousands of animals that end up dead on the roadside every year. The idea may sound morbid…grotesque even…but the benefits of composting these carcasses […]
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What is the Cost-Benefit of Extended Producer Responsibility on Waste Packaging?

One of the biggest obstacles we face in reducing trash in the U.S. is waste packaging. The concept behind extended producer responsibility, or EPR, is that if manufacturers are made responsible for the end-lives of their commodities they will design those products more responsibly and with less waste. EPR is popular in other countries. Notably, […]
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The Phillipines is Winning the Zero Waste Challenge

The City of Alaminos, Phillipines, partners with the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives and meets its zero waste challenge in just two years. Zero Waste: From Dream to Reality in the Philippines (via sustainablog) By Anne Larracas and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives “Environmental Possibilities: Zero Waste” features new ways of thinking, acting, and […]
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On the Path to Zero Waste: Hernani, Spain, Achieves 82% Recycling Rate!

Spain is probably not the first country that comes to mind when you think of sustainability. In 2002 the landfill that serves Hernani was nearly full. Facing a waste overflow and record high unemployment figures, they decided to dramatically change their municipal solid waste program. Through a combination of curbside collection of both recycables and […]
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The Path to Zero Waste: Recycling is Only the Beginning

When we talk about reasons to recycle the primary justification is that we can significantly reduce, or eliminate altogether, the waste that we produce. But recycling in and of itself will not allow us to accomplish that goal. Recycling is merely the first step, albeit a very important one, on the path to zero waste.  […]
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Closing the Loop on Recycling: Promoting Sustainable Consumption

Recycling is a popular environmental activity, even among people who would not consider themselves environmentally conscious. The increase in recycling across the US and elsewhere globally is a positive step towards a sustainable future. But if people don’t buy products made from the materials that are being recycled, then we aren’t closing the recycling loop.  To be truly […]
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Banning Plastic Bags: Good sense or delaying the inevitable?

Good Science & Sound Policy: Concerns over Banning Plastic Bags (via EcoLocalizer) It bothers me no end to see stray cattle chewing on plastic bags. I strongly feel that stray plastic bags trash our communities — be it one floating on the edges of a lake, one clinging to a branch or one drifting leisurely […]
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Research on recycling bins says they cause wasteful habits

Research on recycling habits finds that the presence of recycling bins actually increases peoples’ wastefulness. So says a cooperative study between Jesse R Catlin of The Paul Merage School of Business at University of California-Irvine and Yitong Wang of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The study, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, is based on two […]
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Delhi uses community based social marketing to spread the word about eco-awareness

Delhi, India, has embarked upon an eco-awareness campaign that illustrates the power of community based social marketing or CBSM.  By using succinct advertising slogans with eye-catching graphics, the Delhi government is having a great deal of success with promoting earth-friendly activity. CBSM focuses on a single activity or desired behavior, identifies the barriers to that […]
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Tips for recycling companies: selling your project

Recycling companies often face huge hurdles when it comes to getting their recycling and waste projects approved by local governments. Despite the benefits these new facilities can provide to a community, the NIMBY (not in my back yard) syndrome is difficult to overcome. Citizens are concerned about health, safety, and perhaps most importantly, home values when their […]
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