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Animal Composting: VDOT has a new plan for disposing of road kill

Composting 101…DON’T put meat, fat or bones in your compost bin. But now we’re hearing that the third largest DOT (Department of Transportation) in the country is planning on composting the thousands of animals that end up dead on the roadside every year. The idea may sound morbid…grotesque even…but the benefits of composting these carcasses […]
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Social Lending Websites Allow Neighbors to Share Their Resources

Social lending websites like Streetbank allow neighbors to share resources like tools and expertise, rather than having to go out and buy goods and services each time they are needed. Buying new perpetuates the never ending cycle of waste. Here’s a great tip for recycling: instead of buying a new tool, how about borrowing one […]
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Eco Friendly Tires Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

What makes your automobile green? Being an electric or hybrid vehicle? Operating on alternative fuel? Getting 30 mpg or better? What about tires? Regardless of the type of automobile, the tires on your car have a huge effect on your carbon footprint. So what makes a tire eco friendly? Recycling  Most of the time when […]
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Making recycled toys from trash

Strokes of Genius: Building Low-cost Scientific Toys from Trash (via Not only should waste materials be reclaimed and put to other good uses, they can be made into fun and inexpensive scientific toys, contends Arvind Grupta, the man behind Toys from Trash. In the developing world, where science-based learning toys are either too expensive […]
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State by State Recycling Information

As I was researching my master’s thesis in recycling, I discovered that finding the information I needed wasn’t always easy. In many cases, even determining which state agency was responsible for recycling was a challenge. The following is a list of  links I’ve compiled by region and state to help make finding recycling information easier. Hopefully you find it […]
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Recycling in schools

Schools produce huge volumes of waste, much of which is recyclable.  Juice boxes, plastic beverage bottles, plastic silverware, tin cans, and PAPER; volumes and volumes of paper.  Paper for handouts, paper for homework, paper for permission slips, and paper for all those classroom projects.  So I was apalled when I volunteered in my son’s kindergarten […]
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