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Social Lending Websites Allow Neighbors to Share Their Resources

Social lending websites like Streetbank allow neighbors to share resources like tools and expertise, rather than having to go out and buy goods and services each time they are needed. Buying new perpetuates the never ending cycle of waste. Here’s a great tip for recycling: instead of buying a new tool, how about borrowing one […]
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Green America: 9 Commonly Genetically Modified Ingredients Found at the Grocery Store

Genetically Modified foods, or GMOs (O for Organisms), are becoming more and more common. The primary reason to genetically modify crops is to provide disease resistance and increase yields, although the jury is still out as to whether this result has been realized. While this has ostensibly produced benefits in the form of fewer pesticides […]
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Tips for Recycling: Why cartons may be better than plastic

When it comes to container recycling, plastics have experienced way more popularity than paper cartons. This has been due, in large part, to a lack of recycling options for cartons, which in turn has to do with the difficulty in separating the paper fiber from the wax, plastic and aluminum coatings that make them water […]
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Tips for Recycling: How can I reuse my Styrofoam cooler?

  If you’ve ever used a mail order or internet service to purchase perishable items, you’ve probably been the recipient of a lovely Styrofoam box which held your steaks, cheeses, gourmet chocolate …whatever. So what do you do with it after it has served its original purpose? If you’re lucky (?) enough to live near […]
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Tips for recycling for kids: Natural earth paints for children

Image courtesy of Earth Paint Painting is a fun and creative activity that children love, but many paints that say “non-toxic” are actually made from chemical substances that may be harmful. If you’re looking for natural, non-toxic paints for your kids, check out Earth Paints.  Earth Paints was founded by artist and mother Leah Fanning […]
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How to remove blood stains naturally

Blood stains are one of the biggest household laundry challenges. Once the stain has set it can be almost impossible to remove, and it may have you reaching for some pretty harsh chemicals to try and get it out. While not every stain can be removed, these natural cleaning tips will resolve most of them […]
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Vermicomposting: Earthworm recycling crews work for gardeners

Vermicomposting, or using earthworms to recycle organic waste into high quality topsoil, is unpopular with some. This may be due to an aversion to touching worms, or an inherent dislike of the wiggly little creatures. But the benefits of earthworm recycling are undeniable. Gardeners Put Earthworms to Work Recycling (via EcoLocalizer) Want a recycling crew […]
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Earth-friendly cleaning in the home: Natural floor cleaners

Many floor cleaners contain compounds such as acids, solvents, pthalates, ammonia, bleach, aerosols and formaldehyde. Now think about your children and pets crawling around on floors that contain these residues. Does it make you a little nervous? Here are some ways to get your floors clean without these harmful chemicals. Vinyl/Linoleum Vinly and linoleum can be […]
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Simple ways to save the planet on Earth Day

Every Earth Day there are lots of events focused around things to do to save the Earth. These include planting trees, community cleanups, marathons, fundraisers, etc. These are great events, many of which do make valuable contributions to the environment. But lets get real…how much benefit is there in participating in these events once a […]
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Earth friendly cleaning in the bathroom

Toilet bowls, soap scum and mildew. These are typical bathroom cleaning challenges which require something stronger than mere soap and water. The big concern in the bathroom is killing germs and bacteria which may be spread by…well…the activities typically undertaken in the bathroom. This fear of pathogens often leads us to use the harshest chemicals […]
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