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The Path to Zero Waste: Recycling is Only the Beginning

When we talk about reasons to recycle the primary justification is that we can significantly reduce, or eliminate altogether, the waste that we produce. But recycling in and of itself will not allow us to accomplish that goal. Recycling is merely the first step, albeit a very important one, on the path to zero waste.  […]
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Illinois becomes 25th state to pass an e-waste ban

In January, 2012, Illinois will join the ranks of New York, Vermont, California and 21 others as the 25th state to ban e-waste from its landfills after passing their electronic waste recycling act. Why ban e-waste? To stop toxins from hazardous waste components from leaking into the environment.  Electronics can contain the following: Lead – causes […]
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Recycle your water

When it comes to conserving natural resources, water conservation is arguably the most important issue. On the surface this may seem to be a falsehood. After all, the earth is covered 2/3 with water. But did you know that only 1% of that water is available for human consumption? The rest exists either as salt […]
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Why is recycling important?

Recycling as we know it today came about as a result of the environmental movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Since that time the national recycling rate has increased from 7.3% to over 30%.  Unfortunately, despite the ‘go green’ mantra of the 2000’s our national recycling rate has remained static at 33.8% over […]
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