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Welcome to Tips For Recycling

Your one stop source for recycling facts and information, and tips for living green.

 Whether you are a homeowner looking for recycling information, a student researching the field of recycling, or an industry professional looking for ways to start or boost a residential recycling program, we’ve got information that you’ll find valuable in your search.

The Households page is full of posts about how you can recycle at home. Find tips for recycling common everyday items and unusual items alike. You will also find information on the benefits of recycling, and tips for eco-friendly steps you can take at home, including information on energy conservation, home composting and rain barrels.

 The Recycling Facts page provides useful information on the history of recycling, information about what materials can be recycled, and other recycling facts and information that can also be utilized by students and industry professionals.

 The News and Policy page is geared towards industry professionals, but students will find this useful as well. Here you will find topic such as how to design a residential recycling program, what program components will boost recycling rates, and current recycling news items. This page is dedicated to ongoing discussion about policies that affect recycling at the local, state and national level.

 The Kids page is all about teaching recycling to kids. Kids can join the Planet Protector’s Club sponsored by the US EPA, or learn about saving the planet as they build their own ‘Eco-Creature’ at PBS’s Eekoworld, along with many other fun activities. Teachers will also find this page useful as there are links to educational resources for use in the classroom. 

Want to buy green too? Our Green Shopping page has many eco friendly companies to choose from. Find everything from solar panels and home supplies to clothing and beauty supplies. Almost every product you buy has a green counterpart. Find it here.

This site has a little to offer everyone. So browse around and have fun!

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