Tips for recycling for kids: Natural earth paints for children

Image courtesy of Earth Paint

Painting is a fun and creative activity that children love, but many paints that say “non-toxic” are actually made from chemical substances that may be harmful. If you’re looking for natural, non-toxic paints for your kids, check out Earth Paints. 

Earth Paints was founded by artist and mother Leah Fanning Mebane. Fanning Mebane has been a professional artist for over 18 years. About three years ago she removed all the solvents and toxic products from her art studio and began using all natural colors and pigments she finds in nature.

This transition away from toxic, modern paints gave her the joy of doing no harm to the  environment and the freedom to express her art and passion in partnership with the earth. Her constant allergies and headaches cleared up with the  removal of solvents in the studio. She also developed a deeper connection with the natural world as she spent more time outside the studio directly connecting  with the origins of her paints.

 Mebane makes her paint kits from natural pigments in clay and minerals. The children’s kit comes in powdered form using organic milk powder as a binder. The paints are completely natural and organic, and the natural pigments provide rich vibrant colors that are not duplicated by synthetic paints.  Earth Paint promotes the following advantages of their products:

  • Archival: Pure pigments are the most permanent of all pigments, lasting thousands of years.
  • Superior Quality: There are no added fillers or stabilizers (to increase shelf life). This increases paint intensity and allows the refraction of light to  bounce off of pigment particles. Color mixing is also greatly improved without additives.
  • Vibrancy: The pigment particles are larger and more irregular (than synthetic pigments), which allows for more light to pass through the pigment particles and creates a paint that has a higher refraction-vibrancy.
  • Non-toxic and natural: Truly certified non-toxic and earth friendly paint for you and your child (no need to ventilate studio).
  • Durable: Not affected by sunlight, temperature or humidity.
  • You don’t have to worry about harming yourself, your family, and the environment in order to create your art.
  • No more off-gassing paintings in your studio or home.
  • The risk of acute/chronic diseases from heavy metal toxins is eliminated.
  • You can safely dispose of rags and excess paint in the trash and flush wash-water down the drain.
  • The ONLY type of pigment that is completely unaffected by UV rays (commonly used to protect metal & wood).
  • Made in the USA by a small, family-owned business.
  • Connection with nature and the earth beneath our feet: Children are always shocked to learn that they’re actually painting with “dirt.”

Earth Paint also makes an oil based kit for adults using natural walnut oil.

To learn more about Earth Paint and its founder Leah Fanning Mebane, or to order a natural earth paint kit, visit their web site at

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