Tips for Recycling in the Garden

I love summertime because I love to get out in my garden and commune with nature. I also love to decorate my deck and patio areas with planters full of flowers and lush vegetation. Decorative planters can be expensive. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Here are some great tips for recycling in the garden.

Recycled Garden Planters and Containers

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Turn a shoe rack into a planter for starting seedlings or into a hanging garden.


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 Use an old dresser, desk hutch or buffet to create a stacked garden.


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Hanging jars make great wall planters.

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Use plastic bottles to make a whole garden on a wall.


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Old shutters make a tiered planter for smaller or trailing plants.

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Got a store of old floppy discs hanging around? Turn them into starter planters. They’re easy to label too!


Recycled Garden Art and Decor

Courtesy of Grow Creative

Courtesy of Grow Creative

Old tin cans become lovely garden lanterns. Click on the picture to get instructions on how to make them!



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Use old glass vases and punch bowls to make these crystal mushrooms.

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This cute outdoor light string is made from old mason jars.


Other Recycled Garden Ideas

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Keep plants hydrated with waterers made from old plastic bottles or jugs.


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Reclaimed windows can be turned into a greenhouse.

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Add to your gardening space by using old gutters for lettuce, onions and other small garden fare. Makes for easier picking too!

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Use old tires to make raised garden planters. They work especially well for plants like tomatoes and peppers.


Got other tips for recycling the garden? Feel free to share. And click on the pictures above to link to many other ideas for garden recycling projects.



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