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2012 Games Will be the First Sustainable Olympics in History


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The 2012 London games will be the first sustainable Olympics in history. David Stubs, Head of Sustainablility for the 2012 Olympics, says that the sustainable design was a key factor in awarding the games to London.

Brownfield Restoration

The grounds that have become the 2012 Olympic venue were a contaminated industrial site. The area was cleaned up, the old buildings torn down, toxic chemicals abated, and the whole site was replanted with lush vegetation.

Reclaimed Building Materials

Wherever possible reclaimed materials were used. The steel frame of the roof of Olympic Stadium is built from old gas pipes. The rubble from excavating the area that would become Olympic Park was used to create the supports for the bridges. These are just two examples of the emphasis on reuse and recycling.

Water Conservation Plan and Wildlife Protection

The London facility was designed to be an actual park. That is to say, it was designed with alot of greenspace, vegetation and walkways that promote a more relaxed environment and makes one feel as if they are visiting a local park rather than a major sports venue. This meant adding a lot of plants and trees, widening and cleaning the waterways that flow through the landscape and constructing meandering pathways that wind their way through the landscape. New plantings combine a mix of traditional gardens with native plants that are easier to maintain. Wastewater is used for irrigation. The newly formed river banks and wetlands make secure habitat for many species of water fowl and other wildlife. The whole park is designed to integrate facilities and environment to marry the best of both worlds.

David Stubbs takes viewers on a tour of the new grounds in this video. The Olympics makes this story highly visible. But the take-away is that we can take run down and polluted areas and turn them into new green habitat for both people and nature.


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  1. Tapthat
    Posted September 17, 2012 at 12:00 am | Permalink

    I think this is wonderful and a great tradition for the rest of the hosts of the Olympic games to follow, but what about the sale of bottled water? Did they encourage olympic goers to bring there own or did they limit goers amount of water they could bring themselves because of endorsement deals?

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