Tips for Recycling: Recycled Halloween Crafts and Decorations

When it comes to crafts and decorations there are few holidays that are more fun than Halloween. Pumpkins, witches and creepy crawlies are on display in every store, and it’s tempting to buy all of them. But here are some ways to reduce your use and make upcycled decorations from recycled materials you already have around the house! Click on any of the pictures to link to the complete instructions.

Halloween Candy Bowls from Recycled Paper!

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Need a dish to hold goodies for those trick-or-treaters? Instead of buying new try making these paper mache candy bowls from recycled paper bags and tissue. You’ll need a mixing bowl for a mold, white glue, paper strips and paint for decorating the finished product. You are only limited by your imagination! 

Halloween Monsters from Recycled Juice Boxes! 

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These spooky cuties are made from recycled juice boxes, but you could use any recycled cartons. You will need felt, glue, rice or sand (for weight), and any other items you can think of to decorate your monsters. Other items you might have around the house are pipe cleaners, left over yarn or string, buttons or fabric scraps.

Pumpkin from Recycled Plastic Bags!

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This pumpkin is adorable, and it’s a great way to reuse your plastic grocery bags. You will need approximately 40 plastic bags, 3 to 4 large rubber bands, saran wrap, newspaper, paper towels, glue and glittery paint. Add some pieces of green yarn or pipe cleaner for stems and leaves, and voila! Your perfect pumpkin!

Spiders from Recycled Magazines!

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These creepy crawlies are incredibly easy to make from old magazines (or junk mail, catalogs, old notebooks, etc.). Fold paper into the size and shape body you want. Wrap the body in masking tape. Use freezer bag ties or twist ties for the legs. Paint as desired!

Halloween Luminaries from Recycled Cans!

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These lanterns are easily made with a hammer, nail and recycled tin cans. Decorate as desired with paint, construction paper or other materials. Use a wire coat hanger to make a handle. Drop in a tea light and you’ve got the perfect Halloween lighting!

Halloween Ghosts from Recycled Plastic Container Lids!

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A lot of recycling programs will take your plastic containers, but not the lids. Here’s a really inventive use for them. Cut off the rims so you have a flat piece of plastic. Cut out your ghosts (or goblins, witches or cats) and decorate with paint, markers or glued-on bits of any other material. Glue or tape a Popsicle stick to the back for a stand. Make a bunch and arrange in a garden spot or a planter to decorate your front step.

Other ideas for recycled Halloween crafts and decorations?

There are tons of great ideas out there, and we’d love to hear some of yours. Please feel free to share your favorite upcycled craft idea in our comments section.

Have a happy recycled Halloween!

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