Are Plastic Hangers Recyclable?

Plastic hangers are one of those items that can often be overlooked when it comes to recycling. The majority of plastic hangers are made from polystyrene, a material that is not widely accepted in most municipal recycling programs. This means that the vast majority of plastic hangers end up in landfills, contributing to our ever-growing waste problem.

However, some local municipalities are beginning to accept polystyrene for recycling. It’s important to check with your local municipality before you try and recycle plastic hangers as they may have their own specific rules and regulations regarding this.

Plastic Hangers Recycling Near Me

See the below map for locations where you can recycle plastic hangers.

Can You Make Money Recycling Plastic Hangers?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much money to be made in recycling plastic hangers. This is because the cost of transporting the material offsets any amount earned through sale or reuse. However, if you have a large number of plastic hangers (such as from a store), there may be companies willing to pay for them in bulk.

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What Can You Do With Used Plastic Hangers?

If you can’t find someone willing to buy your used plastic hangers or if your local municipality won’t accept them for recycling, there are other ways to make use out of them. For instance, you can donate them to thrift stores such as Goodwill or Salvation Army who will put them back into circulation so others can use them instead of purchasing new ones.

You can also repurpose old hangers into craft projects like jewelry organizers or wind chimes; just use your imagination! Additionally, if all else fails, many retail stores offer discounts on purchases when customers return their used plastic hangers – so don’t forget about this option either!

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How To Safely Dispose Of Broken Or Damaged Hangers?

Broken or damaged plastic hangers should never be disposed of through regular household garbage collection or by placing them in public garbage bins as they could potentially damage the environment or injure animals if left unattended in nature.

The best way to dispose of broken or damaged plastic hanger is by taking it to a certified hazardous waste disposal facility where it can be safely recycled and reused if possible. It is also important that any metal parts are removed before disposing off the broken pieces as metal parts cannot typically be recycled with regular plastics and need to be taken care of separately.

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Other Ways To Recycle Or Reuse Plastic Hangers

There are plenty of other creative ways that old plastic hangers can be reused instead of being thrown away! For example, they can be used as planters for flowers and plants around your backyard or garden; this serves two purposes – it looks beautiful while simultaneously keeping your plants off the ground and away from pests! They can even be converted into kitchen utensils holders which make great space savers inside cabinets and cupboards! Finally, crafty individuals might repurpose old plastic hanger pieces into decorative art pieces such as wall hangings or wreaths using paint and ribbons; these look great hung up around the home and make wonderful gifts too!

Jordan Klyde

Jordan Klyde is passionate about helping the environment. He spends much of his time thinking and writing about ways to recycle, reduce waste, and conserve energy. As an advocate for environmental sustainability, Jordan works closely with businesses and local governments to develop ways to make our planet better.