Are TV Remotes Recyclable?

TV remotes are recyclable, but the process of recycling them is not as easy and straightforward as other items like plastic bottles or paper. The majority of TV remote controls contain many different materials which makes it difficult to recycle them. It’s important to carefully disassemble your old remote in order to know what substances it contains and how best to proceed with recycling.

TV Remotes Recycling Near Me

See the below map for locations where you can recycle tv remotes.

Can You Make Money Recycling TV Remotes?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make money from recycling your old TV remote. However, if you can find a company that takes them for recycling, then you may end up saving some money by not having to buy a new one.

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How to Disassemble a TV Remote

To properly disassemble your old TV remote, you’ll need an appropriate screwdriver and possibly some tweezers. It’s important to take caution when opening the battery compartment and removing the batteries as they may still contain some charge which could cause a fire hazard. After all components have been removed from the remote, you can check what materials are present in order to determine if it will be accepted at a local recycling center or not.

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What Substances Are in a TV Remote?

Common substances found in a television remote include plastics, circuit boards, copper wires, aluminum casing and magnets. Depending on what brand and model of remote control you own, additional materials might be present such as lithium-ion batteries or ceramic capacitors.

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What Can Be Reused from the Components of a TV Remote?

Some parts of the television remote can be reused such as screws, buttons and plastic casings. Some companies also accept broken electronics for repair so if your old remote is no longer functioning but has some reusable parts inside it may be worth checking with those companies first before recycling it completely.

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Where Can You Recycle Your Old TV Remote?

Local electronics stores often have drop-off locations where customers can bring their old electronics to be recycled responsibly. If there isn’t one nearby then you can search online for “electronics recyclers near me” or “TV remote recyclers near me” to find out where your closest option is located.

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What Companies Take Your Old TV Remotes For Recycling?

There are many companies that accept television remotes for recycling such as Best Buy's Trade-In program, Gazelle Electronics Recycling Program and EcoATM's Cash for Electronics Program. Many of these companies offer rewards for sending in your old devices including cash payments or store credit vouchers which can help offset the cost of buying a new device if needed.

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