Can You Recycle Newspaper?

Recycling newspaper is a great way to reduce landfill waste and conserve natural resources. Most curbside recycling programs accept newspapers for recycling, however some cities may not accept plastic-coated newsprint. Additionally, depending on the market in your area, you may even be able to make money by selling recycled newspapers and other paper products to a paper mill or other recycler.

Newspaper Recycling Near Me

See the below map for locations where you can recycle newspaper.

Benefits of Recycling Newspapers

When we recycle newspaper, we are helping conserve resources such as water, energy, and trees. Newspaper can also be reused as wood pulp to make new paper products like boxes or toilet tissue.

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How To Prepare Newspaper For Recycling

Before tossing it into the recycle bin, tear off any plastic wrapping or plastic bags that may have contained the newspaper. If possible, remove staples from the pages before disposing of them in the recycle bin as well.

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Where To Recycle Newspaper?

You can usually recycle newspapers at curbside recycling bins or take them to a local newspaper drop-off location such as a library or supermarket near you! Check with your city’s waste management department for more information about local recycling centers.

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Tips For Reducing Newspaper Waste

Consider signing up for digital subscriptions instead of receiving physical copies in the mail every day; this will help reduce overall newspaper waste significantly! Additionally, try opting out of receiving promotional flyers in your mailbox to further reduce paper waste coming into your home!

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FAQ About Recycling Newspapers:

Q: Does it matter if I rip/tear/cut my newspaper before throwing it away?
A: Yes! Be sure to tear off any plastic wrapping or plastic bags that may have contained the newspaper before disposing of it into the recycle bin as well as removing any staples from pages when possible!

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