Can You Recycle Metal Hangers?

Metal hangers are one of the most common items we use in our homes, but what happens when they’re no longer needed? While some may be tempted to toss them in the trash, it turns out that metal hangers can actually be recycled! Let’s take a closer look at how recycling metal hangers helps the environment and what you need to know about recycling them.

Metal Hangers Recycling Near Me

See the below map for locations where you can recycle metal hangers.

Can You Make Money Recycling Metal Hangers?

Surprisingly, there’s actually money to be made by recycling metal hangers. Some companies will pay for scrap metal by weight, so if you have a large collection of metal hangers, they could add up quickly. It’s worth checking with your local recycling centers or scrap yards to see if they accept metal hangers and what kind of rates they offer.

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Where Can You Recycle Metal Hangers?

Many local donation centers accept metal hangers as donations, and many dry cleaners will also accept used metal hangers as long as they’re in good condition. If neither of those options work for you, check with your city or county government to see if there are any other recycling options available in your area.

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What Items are Made from Recycled Metal Hangers?

When metal hangers are recycled, they can be turned into a variety of new items such as car parts, construction materials and even brand new hangers! By recycling these items instead of throwing them away, we help keep valuable resources from ending up in landfills and conserve energy that would otherwise be used to create these products from scratch.

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Benefits of Recycling Metal Hangers

In addition to conserving energy and reducing waste in landfills, recycling metal hangers also has environmental benefits such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution. The production of new products often releases pollutants into the air and water, but by reusing existing materials we can help reduce this impact on the environment.

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Steps for Recycling Metal Hangers

To get started with recycling your old metal hangers:

  1. Sort out any plastic or wooden hanger that can't be recycled; these must go into the trash bin separately from the recyclable metals.

  2. Gather all clean metallic material together including clothing racks, coat hooks etc., ensuring no plastic pieces remain attached.

  3. Take your items to a donation center or local scrap yard for proper disposal; many will pay you for the weight of your collected items!

  4. Have fun using your newfound knowledge about recycling!

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FAQs about Recycling Metal Hangers:

Q. How do I know if a hanger is made of metal? A. Look at the material that the hanger is made out of; many metal hangers will be labeled “metal” or “iron” somewhere on the hanger. If you can’t find the label, try to bend the hanger; if it bends easily, it most likely isn't metal

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