Are Pencil Shavings Recyclable?

Pencil shavings are recyclable, but usually only if you separate the wood from the graphite. Even then, some recycling plants may not accept them. It’s best to check with your local recycling plant before attempting to recycle pencil shavings.

Pencil Shavings Recycling Near Me

See the below map for locations where you can recycle pencil shavings.

Can You Make Money Recycling Pencil Shavings?

Unfortunately, no. There is no market for recycled pencil shavings, so you won’t be able to make any money off of them.

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What Can You Do With Pencil Shavings?

While you can’t make any money off of them, there are still a few creative uses for pencil shavings. You can use them to create artwork or crafts like collages or candles. They can also be used as potting soil or composting material for gardening projects.

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How to Separate Pencil Shavings for Recycling

Separating the wood and graphite in pencil shavings is relatively simple. All you need is a strong magnet and a bowl or tray. Place the magnet in the bottom of the bowl and pour the pencil shavings over top of it. The magnet will attract the graphite particles while allowing the wood to fall away into your bowl or tray below.

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Benefits of Recycling Pencil Shavings

By recycling pencil shavings, you can help reduce waste and keep them out of landfills where they would otherwise take up space and potentially contaminate groundwater sources with lead leaching out of graphite particles over time.

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DIY Projects Using Pencil Shavings

Craft projects that use pencil shavings are an easy way to give new life to old materials! Popular projects include making art prints by pressing pencil shavings onto paper, creating decorative candles by mixing melted wax with colored graphite particles, and using colorful layers of graphite dust to add texture to clay sculptures or pottery pieces.

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Suggestions on Reducing the Amount of Pencil Shaving Waste

One way to reduce the amount of waste that comes from sharpening your pencils is by using an electric sharpener instead of a manual one – electric sharpeners produce much less waste than their manual counterparts! Additionally, opting for higher quality mechanical pencils can help reduce overall waste since they don’t need frequent refilling or sharpening like traditional wooden ones do.

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